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Custom handmade quality tube guitar amplifiers, since 2002.


News for 2018:

Ok I said this last year but I mean it this time. 🙂 I had to suddenly buy a house and move in 2017, and relocate my shop. I’m settled now and nearly caught up. 

Updated website coming soon, including:

Peters humbucking pickups
New smaller/lighter dual channel amp format

Wording for the new channel designs on each product page has been updated. Once I have a few more pictures of the new smaller amp format, I’ll update the whole site.

In case you’re wondering: the new smaller/lighter amps use the same components as the most recent Professional Series (transformers etc.) so there’s no tonal compromise. The new designs are actually better in some ways, and I can make them for a lower price than the Professional Series dual channel amps. (I’m using the circuitry from the new smaller amp format inside the Professional Series amps now. The only difference is that the Professional Series dual channel has a few more features, but most people don’t use those features.)

Sneak peek… Shhh…

New amp format

News for 2016:

Manual page added for Professional Series amps.

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