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News for July 2019:

Sorry for the lack of updates!

I’ve been busy obsessing over the high gain designs to make them their absolute best. Part of that has been testing them under many more conditions (guitars, pickups, speakers, with or without boost pedals, different picks and strings…you name it). Reptilicus, Fire Hammer and Plasma Blade have now been refined to diamonds. I temporarily lost my sanity in the process, but my loss is your gain.

I’d also gotten a bit off track with my pickup designs, being a bit too nitpicky by having too many pickups that cover very similar territory. (This was discovered during testing of the amps.) The pickup lineup will be reduced to be more sensible, probably three pickups (and also neck versions of them). The pickup designs have been revised a bit as well.

Updates will be happening soonest…

Previous news:

Manual page added for Professional Series amps.