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Welcome to the website of Peters Amplification, established 2001; located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I am the company owner: James Peters. I design and build the products myself. I also handle customer service, including maintaining this website.


The Professional Series is the name of my current product line, which debuted in 2008. Some changes have been made since then; some channel designs have been updated, some new channel designs have been added to the lineup, new formats have been added to the lineup, the amp formats became a bit more refined, and the cosmetics of the amps have significantly changed.



Each amp and preamp is built to order, made by me, handmade “point-to-point” and hand wired. The number of channels (and their sounds) depends on the configuration you choose.


Links to the different formats are in the menu, and below the following explanation of the Professional Series. On each product page, there is more detailed information about that format of amplifier. Please take a moment to read the following explanation of the Professional Series, since it’s different from what most people expect. There are a lot of possibilities in the Professional Series lineup in terms of channel configurations and cosmetics.



Here are the 4 steps to configure and order your Peters Professional Series amplifier:



1) Consider the overall format of amplifier you want


The Professional Series amps are available as: single channel amp, dual channel amp, triple channel amp, or dual channel preamp (if you already own a guitar poweramp that you like the sound of).


The single channel amps have the same feature set of the dual and triple channel amps (including the effects loop) except: any footswitching (no channel or master volume switching), the power supply response features (which are the two most subtle controls on the dual and triple channel amps), the slave out, and the possibility of LED backlighting. There’s limited room inside the single channel amp chassis, due to the amp format’s reduced size.



2) Choose the channel design(s) you want


For a single channel amp: pick one channel design.


For a dual channel amp: pick the overdrive channel, and the default second channel is the Halo (clean and classic OD/blues OD). It’s also possible to get a dual channel amp made with two overdrive channels instead (with some limitations of the available combinations).


For a triple channel amp, pick two overdrive channels (again, with some limitations of the available combinations) and the third channel will be the Halo.


I’ll discuss with you the strengths of each design and help you choose the channels which suit you best. Customization of a channel voicing is also possible, but probably not required due to the number of channel designs available and the span of their sounds.



3) Pick your amp’s cosmetics


There are choices of covering material, knobs, LED colors, grill/panel types, and control faceplates. Most cosmetic options are included in the amp prices listed, some cost extra.


Each amp format has some limits for the available cosmetics due to spacing of controls, sizes of the amps, and availability of space in the amps’ power supply (for circuitry to provide illumination of the grills/panels).



4) Purchasing


I’ll discuss with you (email, phone calls, Skype) what channel designs work best for the sound you want, what cosmetic options you prefer, and what additional costs (if any) there are.


Payment: 50% down, remainder due upon completion (before shipping). Optionally you can pay the entire price in advance.


Since these are all custom amps completely made by hand, none are built in advance or “in stock”.


Lead times are approximately 4 months, from ordering to completion (not including shipping time).



Professional Series single channel amplifiers


Professional Series dual channel amplifiers


Professional Series triple channel amplifiers

Peters Triple Channel, Professional Series amplifier

Professional Series dual channel preamps


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