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Custom handmade quality tube guitar amplifiers, since 2002.


News for 2019:

Over the last several months I’ve been developing some new things:

  • More humbucking pickups!
  • Amp designs with new features for more flexibility than ever!
  • The new smaller/lighter amp format’s new cosmetics! (Pics soon)

The new amp format is officially now named FORMAT 7. It is the seventh amplifier format overall that I’ve made. FORMAT 7 amps use the same components as the most recent Professional Series (transformers etc.) so there’s no tonal compromise. I offer them for a lower price than the Professional Series dual channel amps due to removal of a few features (which most people didn’t use) of the Professional Series, plus I’m doing more work on the amplifiers’ chassis/headshells “in house”.

The new Fire Hammer design now “absorbs” the Firejack design. It can do what Firejack did, while allowing for even higher gain / more modern sound selectable on a switch. This is the ultimate evolution of the Gryphon/GNL lineage, and a nice replacement for the FSM now too.

Similarly the new Plasma Blade design now “absorbs” the Body Hammer design. It can do what Body Hammer did, while allowing for even lower gain / less modern sound selectable on a switch. This is a very versatile modern high gain design, now capable of getting sounds very similar to the discontinued Chimera design.

Soon the Reptilicus will have a similar voicing switch added, which will allow it to sound better for “modern-sounding medium gain” instead of just covering the more true-to-vintage sounds. Stay tuned!

As for humbucking pickups: I have 5 designs now. Details coming soon.

Previous news:

Manual page added for Professional Series amps.

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