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News for 2017:

Updated website coming soon, including:

Peters humbucking pickups
New smaller dual channel amp format
New channel designs
-Discontinuation of current channel designs

Modification of Professional Series amps to the new channel designs is possible. However, it is a very involved modification requiring changes to almost every section of the amplifier. The “new channel designs” (and new format architecture) rely on changes to the preamp, poweramp, wiring around the pots/switches/sockets, sometimes adding a preamp tube to the chassis, and sometimes replacing entire circuit boards (which are handmade/handwired by me one at a time).

Base costs for modifications of this kind (not including any other service, maintenance, cosmetic changes, or shipping costs):

-If you bought a new Peters 2-channel or 3-channel Professional Series amp or preamp in 2016 and you are its original owner: $500 USD
-If you bought a new Peters 2-channel or 3-channel Professional Series amp or preamp in 2015 and you are its original owner: $700 USD
-Any other* (see note below) Peters 2-channel or 3-channel Professional Series amp or preamp: $1000 USD

Base cost as indicated above, plus shipping costs, are to be paid in advance before I will start a modification. (Additional costs will also apply if the amp needs repair or maintenance, and/or if you request any cosmetic changes to the amp.)

Shipping costs (including brokerage when the documentation is done properly) from the continental USA to me in Canada, and from me in Canada to the continental USA, are $150 USD each way (x2 = $300 USD) for a Professional Series amp. (Preamps cost approximately half that to ship.) Proper documentation (invoice, specific NAFTA declaration) needs to be submitted to the courier and broker to ensure your shipping the amp to me doesn’t result in my receiving a bill for brokerage/duty/tax on the shipment (which can be as high as $800 USD). I will help with the documentation before you ship the amp (I can make the documents with the necessary information and send it to you in PDF format), but it needs to be 1) correct information (some of which is from you), 2) printed and submitted properly. Unexpected bills that I receive for brokerage/duty/tax (due to improper information in the documentation, or improper handling of the documentation) will need to be paid by you before I release the amplifier to you.

*Note: Modification of some 2-channel or 3-channel Peters Professional Series amps and preamps to the new designs may not be feasible. You need to provide the serial number of the amp or preamp to me in advance, and then I can check its design specifics to see if it’s feasible to modify it this way. Modification of this kind isn’t possible to single channel Peters Professional Series amps.

As of today (January 12, 2017), these quotes for modification costs rescind any other past price quotes.


News for 2016:

Manual page added for Professional Series amps.



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