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Cosmetic options for Professional Series triple channel amps

Covering material

Above is my current stock of covering material, used on the amplifier head shells. Alternately, any of the materials labeled with “tolex” that are in stock at this URL are possible: Tolex supply at NextGen Guitars Canada

LED color

Pick a color for the master and channel LEDs. I have all basic colors in stock. Mix and match the LED colors if you want. Some people like having all the LED colors to be the same, others prefer to use different colors for each channel and master volume.

Control knobs

Front panel type

There are 2 choices for the front panel (where the logo is, above the chassis/control panel): wood/tolex with piping (the classic look of the Professional Series dual channel), and a laser-etched clear acrylic panel in a metal frame (the logo is laser-etched into the panel, and it lights up your choice of color). The grill as pictured is no longer available. Pictures of these options coming soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!