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Wolverine 10 (2004)

The Wolverine was designed to be an aggressive single-channel high gain amp. Capable of a more modern sounding distortion, it also achieves nice rock overdrive/distortion with the gain turned down. The preamp of this amp used three 12AX7 tubes and was approximately 10W (SE class A) using a single output tube.

Front panel controls

Low, Mid, High knobs to shape the voicing of the EQ.

Master Volume control for the overall volume of the amplifier.

Gain control for the overdrive/gain level.

Rear panel controls

8/16 ohm impedance selector switch, two parallel output jacks.


3x 12AX7 preamp tubes

1x EL34 output tube

Can also use 6L6, KT66, KT88, 6550, 6CA7 as the output tube. When using 6L6 or KT66 types, it’s recommended to double the impedance the amp sees (hook a 16 ohm cab to the amp using the amp’s 8 ohm setting). It’s safe to use without doing this but this will result in the optimum sound/feel intended for this model.

JJ 6V6 can be used but no other 6V6 type should be used. Double the impedance as recommended above if using a JJ 6V6.

There is no bias adjustment required for different output tubes. (The amplifier is self-biasing.)

Removable protective bar

The metal bar on the back of the amp uses two thumbscrews to hold it in place.

Fuse ratings

Mains = 2A Slo Blo

HT= 0.125A (1/8A) fast acting

Both fuses should be rated for 250V.

Note: This document refers to the 10W Wolverine model only. There was a 50W Wolverine model which had different features/specifications as well. Do not use this document as reference for the 50W Wolverine model.