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Professional Series Triple Channel Amplifier


The Professional Series amps respond very well to different guitars/pickups. Even the most aggressive of the channel designs has exceptional articulation and responsiveness.

Key features

  • 100W (4x EL34). Can be biased for many different output tube types, quickly and easily with a regular volt meter, without having to open the amplifier. (See bias document for more information.)
  • Excellent Master volume controls.
  • Effects loop.
  • Footswitchable overall Master volume controls (2), as well as footswitchable channel switching (a 3-button footswitch is used).
  • Separate Edge and Crunch switches for each channel to help shape each channel’s sound to your tastes.
  • Separate EQ for each channel.
  • Measures 29 1/2″ W x 9 3/4″ D x 10 3/8″ H (feet add 3/4″ to the overall height, and the handle is approximately 1/4″ in height)

Channel configurations

Your Professional Series triple channel amp will be built with the following general channel configuration:

Overdrive / Overdrive / Clean
Two of the same overdrive channel you choose, for instance Fire Hammer / Fire Hammer, and a clean channel. Each overdrive channel’s individual row of controls allows for a wide variety of flexibility in its settings so you can contrast the two channels for different yet complementary overdrive sounds. You can dial in the two channels to be rhythm/lead (or crunch/high gain, etc.)

The clean channel provides clean, blues and classic overdrive sounds with the familiar characteristics of many vintage amps while having its own sonic signature. Makes for excellent low-gain crunch sounds with the gain turned up.

Mixing different overdrive designs in a configuration is not possible. The information above outlines the limits of the configurations.

See the list of overdrive designs below.

REPTILICUS: The most toneful and flexible “modified British”-sounding design Peters Amplification has made. NOTE: this is LOWER GAIN than Fire Hammer and Plasma Blade! This is not generally to be considered a “heavy metal” design to most people. But if you want truly old-school stuff, Reptilicus is where it’s at. A new voicing feature has been added which will also provide a more “modern-sounding medium gain”. Stay tuned!

FIRE HAMMER: The ultimate evolution of the Gryphon/GNL lineage! A modern high gain design with lots of growl, and has vintage tone at heart. THIS NOW REPLACES THE FIREJACK. Two new voicing features have been added which allow the Fire Hammer to cover more ground than the Firejack did. More versatile than ever!

PLASMA BLADE: The most aggressive and focused modern high gain design made by Peters Amplification to date, and it’s still and oozing with tone. THIS NOW REPLACES THE BODY HAMMER. Two new voicing features have been added which allow the Plasma Blade to cover more ground than the Body Hammer.

Cosmetic options

See the following page: here