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List of channel designs (PS3C)

There are several channel designs to choose from, to customize the sound of your amplifier.

The Professional Series triple channel amps can be built with the following general channel configuration:

Overdrive R / Overdrive L Clean (Rhythm and Lead variants of the same overdrive design plus a clean channel, for instance Firejack Rhythm / Firejack Lead / Clean)

Lead variants of each overdrive design have fatter and more “up-front” mids, slightly less focused attack, and sound a bit smoother overall. The amount of gain in the Rhythm and Lead variants is the same for each design; it’s the voicing and feel that are changed for the Lead variant, not the gain level.

See the list of channel designs below.

Provides clean, blues and classic overdrive sounds with the familiar characteristics of many vintage amps while having its own sonic signature. Makes for excellent crunch sounds with the gain turned up especially if boosted with a good overdrive pedal.

-OVERDRIVE CHANNEL DESIGNS (each has R and L variants)-

The Peters take on the famous “80s Marshall* mod” sound. It has two major differences from other amps in this category: 1) when you strike the strings hard and/or use higher output pickups, it focuses the attack in such a way that the amp can be used for heavier sounds (the sound naturally gets tighter and the attack hits harder), and 2) with the gain turned up, the overdrive character retains its vintage/open characteristics. This design is based on Vega and Regulus designs combined; it’s the most toneful and flexible “crunch” design Peters Amplification has made.

While classified as a modern high gain design, the Firejack has a more vintage sound and feel with more shimmer and chime to its sound. It’s a re-inventing of the earliest Gryphon design but with elements of the later Gryphon design (including its specific edge switch functionality). Since the format of the amps have changed internally in several areas as of 2017 (including effects loop and poweramp circuitry), there are other changes in the voicing as well.

This is the most aggressive and focused modern high gain design made by Peters Amplification to date, and it’s still full of tone. It’s fierce and unapologetic. Prepare to have your face ripped off…and enjoy it.

The name Marshall is only used for general comparative purposes. The name Marshall is trademark Marshall Amplification.

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